We're building an analytics platform into sysrev.  Some features include:

  1. Project Statistics: Simple stats like reviewer counts, concordance rates, etc.
  2. Label Analytics: How do your labels correlate with each other?  How concordant are your reviewers on different labels?  What clusters of text answers exist?  see blog.sysrev.com/generating-insights for some examples.  
  3. Machine Learning: How accurate are your inclusion models?  We plan to integrate models for every boolean and categorical label. See blog.sysrev.com/machine-learning
  4. Article Similarity: Network plots help explore document similarity spaces.  
  5. What do you want?  tell us on the survey at the bottom of the page.  

Our older analytics dashboard, discussed at blog.sysrev.com/user-inclusion-concordance, will be integrated into each sysrev project under an "analytics" tab.  

Many of the concordance based analytics featured in https://blog.sysrev.com/user-inclusion-concordance/ will be integrated directly into each sysrev under the "analytics" tab.

What other features would you like to see in an analytics dashboard?  Let us know below: