Managed Reviews are document review and data extraction projects performed by an external entity on behalf of a Sponsor organization.

Regardless of the documents or data, Managed Reviews have two main benefits.  First and foremost, Managed Reviews generate new, standardized data.  Second, they redistribute the time and energy required by reviews – freeing up data scientists to focus on analyzing data, generating insights, and creating value for the organization.

Managed Reviews by Sysrev

Sysrev is a versatile, machine-learning powered platform which easily integrates new data sources and databases for customized reviews.  Our team of verified reviewers are able to quickly (and accurately) extract valuable pieces of information – standardized to fit our clients' needs.  

Moreover, by leveraging third party reviewers and parallelizing review tasks, Sysrev drastically reduces the time (and cost) associated with data extraction projects.

Starting a Managed Review with Sysrev requires just three pieces of information:

  1. Source – which documents are to be reviewed
  2. Inclusion Criteria – standards that must be met for data to be considered 'valid'
  3. Information Targets – the types of data to be extracted

Once these elements are finalized, our project management team handles the rest.  The end result is a new, validated dataset for which every piece of extracted information is completely auditable.  After the review has been completed, our team of analysts can also help analyze the data and build actionable models and applications.

If you are interested in utilizing Sysrev for Managed Reviews, we'd be happy to scope a meaningful pilot.  For organizations that have dedicated team of reviewers, Sysrev can optimize your workflow utilizing its machine-learning capabilities.  

Contact us at to learn more.