Sysrev Managed Reviews

Managed Reviews have two main benefits for Sponsor organizations. First and foremost, Managed Reviews generate new, standardized data. Second, they redistribute the work -- freeing up data scientists time to focus on analyzing data and creating value.

Sysrev Managed Reviews

Do you need to extract and organize data from a large number of documents?   Sysrev managed reviews handle every stage of document data extraction:

  1. Data Source Construction: Sysrev developers  generate data streams from public data, crawling websites, or working with your internal data.
  2. Data Extraction Project Creation: Sysrev managers will set up data extraction projects and work with you to define extraction tasks.
  3. Reviewer Recruitment and Management: Sysrev will manage expert reviewers that can manually perform your data extraction task.  
  4. Export Review Data: Sysrev will generate spreadsheet reports or integrate review data directly into your own databases.
  5. Automate Review Tasks: Many review tasks can be automated.  We build machine learning models to automate simple or complex data extraction tasks.  
  6. Analyse Review Data: Sysrev data scientists can help you derive insights from your review. We'll work with you to build actionable analytics.  
Sysrev managed reviews are contract services. If you are interested in setting up a large project, contact us at or fill out the above form.

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