Sysrev provides funding for interesting small projects.  Previously funded projects include:

  1. A systematic map of global insect population and diversity trends.
  2. COVID 19 and Chronic Kidney Disease

At this time we are not actively funding projects.  Subscribe to this blog or sign up at to be notified when new mini-grants are opened!

Description of Mini-grant proposals

Proposed projects could use pubmed title/abstracts, upload a set of pdfs, or define a custom text based data source.  All data resulting from your review will be open access so that anybody can download or view the results.

Our hope is that these mini-grants will create data that can be re-used by application developers, future reviewers and researchers.

The basic workflow for a sysrev review. See an example where reviewers extracted genes from text.

For example, the gene hunter project paid reviewers $0.50 per article reviewed to extract genes from a pubmed abstracts.  This made possible which associates genes with medical queries.  

Institutions, individuals, and teams in the United States are allowed for this round of mini-grants. The winning proposal will receive a $1000 credit. Applicants must read the Contest & Eligibility Rules below before submitting.  Two mini-grants will be selected based on the selection criteria below.

Why Mini-Grants?

Careful document review is more important today than ever before.  Research documents are being produced today at an unprecedented rate.   Searching for answers to difficult problems in this data requires more than a simple google search.
Open access reviews have great potential to transform public health, medicine, and best practices in all facets of research.   These grants are one step towards a more transparent, collaborative and open access future.

What do I do with the money?

Each mini-grant consists of a $1,000 credit on -- to be used to pay for 'reviewers' to execute the winning document review.  Reviewers on Sysrev are paid on a per document basis.  Winning applicants may limit reviewers to their own team, or open the review to 3rd party reviewers on

What is a Sysrev?

Systematic review is a decades old method of extracting structured data from published literature.  These reviews hold great weight on interpretations of clinical trials, evaluation of medical procedures, and even on public policy.  Unfortunately, the existing review system is opaque.  It's impossible to see the actual review process behind any systematic review publication.  

Systematic review is in need of the same open source revolution that happened to programming. facilitates this transformation by being the first open access review platform.  For example, you can find public reviews on google (try "Sysrev Gene Hunter") or on the sysrev search page.  Within a public review you can see exactly which articles were reviewed, by whom, and what data they extracted.

You can learn how to get started with Sysrev on our introduction video:

Learn to create a sysrev in just a few minutes.

Can I help?

Yes! If you are passionate about open access review and want to support this work please contact me at

Want to be more directly involved? Become a paid sysrev reviewer! Learn how on the github wiki.

Contest & Eligibility Rules

1) Applicants must be over 18-years old and residents of the Continental United States. Applicants may not be former or current employees of Sysrev.

2) Applicants may submit proposals as an individual, as a part of a team, or on behalf of an organization.  By submitting a proposal on behalf of an organization, the submitting person(s) asserts they have the legal right and authority to represent said organization.

3) Individuals can submit, or be included on, multiple proposals.

4) By submitting a proposal, the applicant, and/or the organization they represent, agree to utilize the mini-grant to fund said proposal should they win.  Applicant accepts that the mini-grant RFP prize is a credit on and cannot be exchanged for any other service, good, or currency.

5) By submitting a proposal, the applicant, and/or the organization they represent, give Sysrev the right to publicize, market, and/or advertise their proposal and any relevant information, including but not limited to the applicant's name and affiliation.

6) Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a revocation of the awarded mini-grant.

7) Applicant understands that 20% of reviewer payments are charged as a fee to  Please see the sysrev terms of use.

8) Applicant agrees to abide by the sysrev terms of use.

9) All proposals are due by Sept 23 at 11:59pm EST.

Selection Criteria

Proposal Feasibility - 25 pts
Clarity of Objective - 25 pts
Knowledge of literature space or other data sources - 25 pts
Team (including reviewer plan) - 25