Reviewing PDFs on sysrev is easy. Just create the review, and upload a zip file.

To create a project, first you will need to register at Then type in the name of your project and click "create". 

Projects are public by default (which means anybody can see, but not edit your work). To create a private project, you'll need a Pro Account. Then just go to manage → settings → private. By the way, you can toggle light or dark mode (dark mode on left) by clicking the lightbulb in the upper right.

After creating the project, the sources settings page for that project opens.  To review pdfs simply select 'PDF Files' and upload a zip directory of your pdfs.  

We upload a zip file with 3 pdfs about bees to start our review of bee PDFs. You can visit this project at

One small caveat.  When you create a public review with pdfs, those pdfs are hidden from the public.  This is to prevent any copyright issues on sysrev.  For other users to view your pdfs you must invite them to your project.

Thats it! From here you can create labels, review articles, invite team members and do everything else you would do in a review.  We have another getting started post that can help at