Pricing Simplified

Basic, Premium, Enterprise...With only three tiers, Sysrev's pricing structure is now simpler than ever.

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Sysrev BASIC
Sysrev's free Basic subscription is completely unchanged.
- Basic Labels: Boolean, Categorical, String, & Annotation.
- Create Basic Organizations
- Unlimited Open Access Public Projects
- Unlimited Reviewers
- Unlimited Articles

Our most popular subscription, Sysrev Basic includes everything researchers need to perform the majority of literature reviews. Sysrev Basic Users can create unlimited Public (open to the public) projects and invite as many reviewers as they need.

Sysrev Basic Users can also create Basic Organizations or teams. Organizations facilitate easier collaboration across projects by automatically extending administration capabilities to its members. Like the Basic User, Basic Organizations can utilize Basic Labels, create unlimited Public projects, and invite unlimited reviewers.

- Sysrev BASIC+
- Create Premium Organizations
- Unlimited Private and Public Projects
- Premium Features: Group Labels, Label Counts, & Concordance
- Developer Tool Access: RSysrev & PySysrev

Sysrev Premium Users can create unlimited Private (hidden) and Public projects and have access to all of Sysrev advanced features.

Premium accounts can also create Premium Organizations. Every member of a Premium Organization has access to all Sysrev Premium features, can create unlimited Public and Private projects for the Organization, and has full administrator rights to all of the Organization's projects.

Just like before, the price of a Premium Organization is based on the number of members across your Organizations, NOT on the number of reviewers in your projects.

That means that if you are a professor working with two post-docs and a rotating team of graduate students, you can create an Organization with three members to manage your literature reviews, create as many Private or Public projects as you need, and invite ALL  of your graduate students to help perform the actual work for just $30 USD/month.

Premium accounts only pay for the total number of members in their team(s), not for reviewers in their project(s). Easily add members to your organization with the invite url from your organization page.

Sysrev Enterprise provides Premium accounts to all Users at your institution.  We additionally provide (and build custom) enterprise reporting and management tools for users at your institution. All Enterprise accounts receive customer and support. Pricing is based on the total number of users at your institution and an hourly for support.

That's it! Our previous account types were a bit too complicated and we hope that this simplification will help you get the most out of Sysrev.

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