Start a Sysrev in 5 Steps

Learn how to create a project on

Create a systematic review on in 5 steps
Create a project, import articles, invite collaborators, review articles and export results. Register on for free to get started.
To create a systematic review project, first register on then (1) Type in your project name and (2) click "create". Projects are public by default and anybody can see, but not edit them. You need a Pro Account to create private projects. Click the lightbulb in the upper right to toggle the light or dark style.
The easiest way to populate a sysrev systematic review is with a pubmed search. You can add multiple pubmed searches and duplicates will be automatically removed.
When you start larger systematic reviews (like you may want to invite some friends to help. Just click the Copy Invite Link and send it to a friend.
After adding some articles you can start screening by clicking 'review'. If you want to do more than just screening goto manageLabel Definitions
Export data from the articles tab. You can filter data first with the Article Filters. For instance you could remove all your excluded articles and then export to a csv.

And that's it! Starting a public review on sysrev is free. Get a Pro Account ($10 / month) to create private projects and a Team Account ($30/month) if you want share your account with multiple administrators.

Sysrev has many additional tools to help you throughout your systematic review. You can apply labels to articles, annotate text in documents, use advanced collaboration features, review pdfs, and much more. You can learn more about how to use these features on our wiki page.

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