Cloning Projects on Sysrev

Sysrev now offers project 'cloning.' Cloning makes it easy to review shared data sources, create templates, and streamline workflows.

Cloning Projects on Sysrev

The ability to clone projects makes it easy to review shared data sources, create templates, and streamline workflows.

Each project has a clone button in the upper right.  Clicking clone will copy an existing project's articles and labels definitions into a new project.  After cloning a project, users can modify (or add to) the cloned label definitions and/or data sources.  

Reviewing shared data sources
Cloning simplifies the process of conducting multiple reviews of the same source data. is a review of the Covid-19 data set (CORD-19) created by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, National Library of Medicine, Allen AI, Microsoft and Georgetown University.   This data set includes titles, abstracts, and full text from 8146 documents.  Users can create their own review of this data set by simply hitting the clone button. is a review of the CORD19 dataset. You can review CORD19 yourself by cloning this review

Creation of template reviews
Cloning also makes it possible to create 'template' reviews, wherein the same labels are re-used in downstream projects.

The GESI group used cloning to create 8 projects on humanitarian conflict. By cloning projects it is possible to maintain a consistent set of labels.  This is useful if you want separate projects to focus on the same data extraction tasks.  

Label counts from cloned reviews of humanitarian evidence in conflict and war ( and /p/16305)

Finally, cloning is useful to organizations who use Sysrev as a part of their own consulting or research services. The Sustainable Research Group (SRG) helps their clients with chemical regulatory needs.  As part of this service, they conduct standardized reviews of forms called safety data sheets.  By cloning their own (private) project template, SRG is able to show clients exactly what end-product deliverables will look like before work is even started.  Cloning also increases the ease at which SRG is able to conduct multiple remote projects simultaneously.

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