Microsoft Excel, and its many derivatives (Google Sheets, Numbers etc) are amazing programs.  Regardless of one’s own technical expertise, spreadsheet programs offer a near limitless ability to organize and analyze data, especially when one considers how many programs and languages can interact with .csv files.  However, despite their many uses...

Spreadsheet programs are NOT suited for document review tasks.

The simplest reason why is user error.  When reviewing tens or hundreds or thousands of documents, it is extremely difficult to keep all of the meta-data and extracted data synced.  This is especially true when managing teams of multiple reviewers.  Ensuring that everyone follows the same standards and protocols is simply too cumbersome to manage.

Fortunately, where spreadsheets are insufficient, Sysrev excels.  Sysrev helps organizations manage, and optimize, document review tasks.   Moreover, Sysrev feature set allows unparalleled flexibility in review types.

Extract: Each Project on Sysrev can have an unlimited number of “Label Definitions.”  These labels allow the project manager to loosely or precisely define which types of data should be extracted from each document.  Designating a label as “inclusion criteria” adds another level of clarity to both reviewers and those analyzing the data.

Each project on Sysrev can have unlimited label definitions. Designating labels as inclusion criteria provides clarity to reviewers, increasing the accuracy of the review.

Audit:  Unlike other solutions, Sysrev records every task by every reviewer on every document.  At any time, project managers can see which documents were reviewed by which personnel and which labels were assigned by each reviewer.   Project managers are also able to review and resolve any conflicts between reviewers.

Export: Admittedly, once the review is done, there may be a need to analyze the data within a spreadsheet program.  Not to worry, Sysrev easily exports to .csv.  Users are able to customize each export to suit their needs.

Customization and Optimization:  There are many use-cases where an organization may want their data in a specific format.  Contact us to learn more about tailoring Sysrev to your specific needs or to learn more about automating with machine learning.